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Studio 3:16® is a supplementary resource for Catholic school religion courses and parish faith formation classes designed to help transform your students’ approach to the Bible, so the Bible can transform your students. There is a substantial lack of engaging resources available for religion teachers to supplement their current course curriculum. The Studio 3:16® program was built to invigorate and deepen students’ faith by showing how the lessons of the Gospels are relevant and applicable to their lives today.

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We build technology to serve real estate owners and operators. Our companies solve the largest, most lucrative problems in the industry - ranging from insuring and paying workers to investing and managing assets.

life choice family medical

Life Choices Family Medical

We are a primary care provider that offers pediatrics and adolescent care; women’s health including prenatal care and gynecological medical services AND adult family medicine.

We provide pregnancy support services offering educational opportunities and ongoing support. We are a certified, official FertilityCare™ Center practicing Restorative Reproductive Medicine. We serve women, men and the entire family!!



Handmade products are so unique, taking a lot of time doing each one by hand. My sister and brother-in-law have a shop in Thailand. I fall in love with every piece in their shop. There are so many things you could pick from, for example, planting pots, garden decorations, or earrings I'm selling them right now!!! I have very limited quantities and some designs only one of each available!

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