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Welcome to Tampa Bless!
The Home of Team Do Good.

Spotlight. Uplift. Inspire.


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So happy to have you here and appreciate your support. You can think of Tampa Bless as the modern counterculture. Tampa Bless aims to provide a brand and platform to celebrate, inform and inspire while supplying quality products to people with a yearning to not only represent their own desire to help others and uplift humanity but to celebrate the people in their community that do so as well. Enter Team Do Good: Positive Forces In Your Neighborhood.

Tampa Bless will periodically post a featured piece on a person from the Tampa Bay and Greater Tampa Bay area that embodies what Tampa Bless is all about. A positive force in your neighborhood. This person could be anyone from a student to a retiree and everyone in between. The post is designed to both inform and inspire others, as well as celebrate the actions and accomplishments of the featured individual. If you know of someone that may fit the criteria, please send a message by commenting in the contact section at the bottom of the page. You can also reach out with various forms of feedback in that same section as well. Once again, thank you and God bless.

Thomas S. Reynolds is the founder and creative force behind Tampa Bless. He is an Irish Catholic, Hudson Valley New York native, and Navy veteran that is into many things ranging from art to religion, food, family, philosophy, music, fashion, sports (MMA heavy), working out, travel, crypto, comics, tattoos, trading cards, cigars, nature, dogs (Olde English a fav), and much more. Although not always the case, Mr. Reynolds has a tendency to gravitate toward things outside of the mainstream. He currently resides with his wife Fon and their trusty dog Hemmy Loc in Tampa, Florida.


After teaching for 15 yrs and coaching for 16 seasons over 10 yrs, both of which became extremely toxic in the last 5 yrs or so due to a cultural climate that lacked properly placed priorities, gratitude, appreciation, and respect among other things, he realized that creating a brand where helping others and uplifting humanity is celebrated and revered was not only needed but necessary. That said, there is no better place to start than right where you live. Enter Tampa Bless and Team Do Good: Positive Forces In Your Neighborhood. 

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