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Tampa Bless presents Team Do Good's next featured member and honoree: Carol Marquardt

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

It is with pride and joy I present to you the next member of Team Do Good, the mighty Carol Marquardt. I am absolutely thrilled to have the opportunity to celebrate Carol here via Tampa Bless and Team Do Good. Her willingness to participate in this feature and to provide feedback is highly appreciated. And now, without further ado...

Name: Carol Marquardt

Place of birth: Washington D.C.

Currently reside: Clearwater, Fl

Heritage: English ancestry. Ancestors were Congregational ministers. Have relatives who fought in the American Revolution and signed the Declaration of Independence.

Family: I am a widow of a Catholic attorney, mother of two sons, both attorneys, and grandmother of 8, many of whom are budding musicians. My husband, sons, and I were all very athletic in both high school and college but the next generation seems to be more inclined toward the arts.

Alma Mater: Graduated from Duke University in Economics. Then received two master's: U of Illinois; Education, and St. Thomas University in Miami; Pastoral Ministry.

Occupation: After wife and mother, spiritual life teaching and ministry. I teach courses on prayer and the power of the Holy Spirit in our lives.

Activities you organized or participate in related to helping others and uplifting humanity? I realize this is an uncomfortable question to answer because it feels self-promotional, yet it's important to share so to inspire others:

Having had a profound experience of Jesus’ presence during the birth of one of my sons, my heart was turned toward various ways of passing on faith in God. For many years I have served in parishes as RCIA director, Eucharistic Minister, and Lector at my church, St Cecelia’s. I wrote a 3-year personal prayer program with scripture called Our Fiat to be used by small groups. I wrote a book called, The Sound of His Voice, encouraging people to have faith in God and recognize His action in their lives. I mentor people individually in growing in faith in God, and have led many small groups. I offer spiritual direction for some who are seeking guidance in discipleship. I also manage a small retreat guest house on my property where someone may come for a day or a number of days for quiet prayer and reflection.

The Tampa Bless 12

1) Favorite pastime or hobby? Why? Please explain.

Talking with Jesus and Mary and journaling. Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament. And of course, spending time with my grandchildren and friends since I live alone.

2) Favorite sport, team, or player? If not into sports, your favorite musician or album? Or answer one of each if you’d like or any combo. Please explain why for any one or more of the questions you answered.

I was a nationally ranked women's tennis player in my teens and early twenties. Have also coached the Clearwater Central Catholic (CCC) High School team and given lessons in my earlier days. I turned to golf for relaxation as my legs slowed down! Now, mainly walking my dog! As a spectator, my passion is Duke basketball. I am a big fan of Coach K, a model of excellence with integrity. Plus they win! I love Zion! This zeal began when I dated a few of the players while at Duke... but married a law student.

3) Favorite movie? Why? Please explain.

The Sound of Music; great message of faith and courage. I love the songs.

4) Favorite place (country, city, town, etc…) you have visited and why?

Medjugorje in Bosnia, a place of pilgrimage where many, including me, believe the Virgin Mary appears and brings peace to people. I have led a number of pilgrimage groups there and always find new blessings when I return. My second favorite is Assisi, Italy; also a holy place.

5) Last meal? You could have anything, what is it? Why? Please explain.

Hot fudge sundae with peppermint ice cream and possibly a few walnuts. The joy of it would be a preparation for heaven, hopefully coming next!

6) 3 activities or routines you would highly recommend? Please explain your reasoning for each.

1. Prayer - a daily routine that keeps us walking with Jesus in our everyday activities.

2. Sincere conversations with friends over the meaning of life and faith and offering each other encouragement.

3. Play of some sort to keep perspective. In my case at this later time in my life, it is often playing with my beloved dog Star.

7) A) Personality trait you highly value? Why? Please explain. B) The personality trait you highly dislike? Why? Please explain.

A. I greatly value (charitable) honesty in dealings with one another. I am happiest in relationships where I know where I stand and share mutual respect. A second trait I highly value is a sense of humor to keep things in perspective.

B. A trait I highly dislike is dishonest manipulation of persons or situations to achieve a goal one does not want to openly claim. In my mind, this is using others for personal gain, and disregard for the innate integrity of another person.

8) Favorite thinker (author, philosopher, theologian, etc…)? Why? Please explain. And what is your favorite piece of advice, quote, or text from them or in general? Why? Please explain.

Moses- relayer of the Ten Commandments. Were humanity able to return en masse to living according to these simple principles, our world would be such a different place. These are the definition of respect for one another and peaceful living together according to our heavenly Father’s intent for us, His children. Then, of course, is Jesus who offers us forgiveness when we fail. I am inspired by the principle “Be merciful as your Heavenly Father is merciful” - the teaching of Jesus!

9) Biggest influence in your life or a top one, and what was it about them that really stood out?

My husband, Mark. He taught me about unconditional love. He introduced me to the Catholic faith which has formed the spiritual foundation of my adult life. He was a great guy, a wonderful friend, and I miss him!

10) If there is one thing you could change in the world, what would it be?

People returning to the worship of God rather than ourselves.

11) Where did your desire to help others and uplift humanity come from? Please explain.

I think I always had it. I was the oldest of six children and so was “junior mother” growing up. This desire has been greatly increased by the prompting of the Holy Spirit to help others grow in faith and faithfulness to God.

12) What are you working on now and how can people get involved?

I am an active member of a Catholic Association of the Faithful called Marian Servants of Divine Providence ( The home base is Our Lady of Divine Providence House of Prayer. I am helping to get this beautiful place and ministry better known in the community and leading several seminars there. I am also working with a national group of laywomen leaders in Catholic ministry to support and encourage one another in the appropriate roles for women in the Church today. I recently wrote a manual called Embracing Spiritual Motherhood. Understanding this is a passion of mine.

Editor's note: You can follow Our FIAT on Facebook here and/or purchase a copy of Carol's book, The Sound of His Voice: Everyday Principles for Listening to God, via Amazon here

Thank you so much for your time Carol and for all that you do. The place we live in is that much better because of you. I hope that this feature has served to inspire you, as well as successfully celebrate those that help others and uplift humanity.

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