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Tampa Bless presents Team Do Good's next featured member and honoree: Dave Jeffries

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

It is with pride and joy I present to you the next member of Team Do Good, the mighty Dave Jeffries. I am absolutely thrilled to have the opportunity to celebrate Dave here via Tampa Bless and Team Do Good. His willingness to participate in this feature and to provide feedback is highly appreciated. And now, without further ado...

Name: Dave Jeffries

Place of birth: Mt. Holly, New Jersey

Currently reside: Tampa, Florida

Heritage: Mixed European

Family: I will be married to my beautiful wife Diana 34 years on November 8, 2020, and have three grown children. Daughter Kendall Deloatche is a child psychologist at Booker T. Washington Elementary School, son Matthew Jeffries owns and operates Chops Music Studio, and daughter Kathryn Krejci is my legal assistant. I am extremely blessed in that all my children, and three grandchildren from Kendall and husband Matt, live in Tampa, Florida.

Alma Mater: I graduated from Lake Brantley High School in Altamonte Springs, Florida, and Florida State University for both undergraduate and law school.

Occupation: I am an attorney specializing in business transaction work, with an emphasis in buying and selling businesses.

Activities you organized or participate in related to helping others and uplifting humanity?

Much of my charitably related time is spent supporting and leading a small ministry that focuses on helping the poor in Nicaragua. For 20 years we shipped containers of household goods and clothing to Nicaragua and distributed to those in need, but shipping goods became impossible, so now we focus on scholarships. We currently pay for the Catholic School education of 150 students in the Managua area.

I also have a Meals on Wheels route once a month where I deliver meals to the elderly homebound in our community. Seeing the people on my route and giving them a meal and a word of encouragement is one of the highlights of my month.

As part of my personal mission, I also form nonprofit entities for those having a charitable ministry needing a more formal structure. Lastly, one of the most rewarding things I do is work the welcome desk at church, where I just smile and welcome everyone coming in for Mass.

The Tampa Bless 12

1) Favorite pastime or hobby? Why? Please explain.

I love taking long walks because more than anything else, I find it gives me the time I need to reflect and collect my thoughts.

2) Favorite sport, team, or player? If not into sports, your favorite musician or album? Or answer one of each if you’d like or any combo. Please explain why for any one or more of the questions you answered.

I grew up looking up to Roger Staubach, who was such an honorable man working in a tough environment. In my adult life, I admired two former Seminoles who became Tampa Bay Bucs; Derrick Brooks and Warrick Dunn. Both are extremely gifted men who used their talents to give back to their community. They are an inspiration.

3) Favorite movie? Why? Please explain.

It’s a Wonderful Life. I could watch this movie over and over. It’s a great reminder that the kindness we show others can have a lasting impact we will never see… in this life.

4) Favorite place (country, city, town, etc…) you have visited and why?

Assisi, Italy. While in Assisi, we stayed in a bed and breakfast that had been a minor castle, looking over the fields and towns of Umbria. The peacefulness was incredible after a week in Rome, and being close to the great St. Francis capped it off.

5) Last meal? You could have anything, what is it? Why? Please explain.

My wife's chicken parm and my mom’s macaroni salad because they remind me of the two great women I’ve been blessed to have in my life.

6) Three activities or routines you would highly recommend? Please explain your reasoning for each.

1. Walking, because it’s an exercise you can do forever and gives you time to think.

2. No matter how much money you give to charity, pick at least one charitable activity where you get to interact with the people you help. It’s more for you than for them.

3. Write handwritten notes to those you love, just to thank them for something or give them a word of encouragement. We all need it.

7) A) Personality trait you highly value? Why? Please explain. B) The personality trait you highly dislike? Why? Please explain.

A. I love a good listener because it reflects humility and concern for others. My lifelong goal is to become a better listener.

B. Viewing relationships as a means to achieve some benefit. We all do this to some extent, but I admire so much the people who are solely focused on not what another person can do for them, but who the other person is.

8) Favorite thinker (author, philosopher, theologian, etc…)? Why? Please explain. And what is your favorite piece of advice, quote, or text from them or in general? Why? Please explain.

Saint John Paul the Great, who had such an intellect but attractive personality, and incredible love for God. Be not afraid. We need that now more than ever.

9) Biggest influence in your life or a top one, and what was it about them that really stood out?

The biggest influence on my adult life has been my wife Diana. She brings out the absolute best in me and completes me. Having someone who has your back and the security that brings is such a gift.

10) If there is one thing you could change in the world, what would it be?

I would require each young person wanting to get their driver’s license to spend a day in Arlington National Cemetery. We owe such a great debt to those who have served our country and died to give us the life we live. Sometimes we need a visual to bring that home.

11) Where did your desire to help others and uplift humanity come from? Please explain.

My drive to help others comes primarily from the gratitude I feel for all that has been given to me through my faith and family. A second major factor is that I believe that helping those in need was one of the main messages Jesus wanted to communicate to us during his time here on earth, and truth be told, He did not make it sound like it was optional.

12) What are you working on now and how can people get involved?

Each year, we face a challenge in maintaining the educational scholarships we give in Nicaragua because some of our sponsors are unable to continue. We never want to tell a child we cannot send them to school this year, so we are always seeking new sponsors. The cost is $325 per year and you will get reports on your child and a personal note from that child annually. Anyone interested can email me at, and I will send you information and a sponsorship form.

Thank you so much for your time Dave and for all that you do. The place we live in is that much better because of you. I hope that this feature has served to inspire you, as well as successfully celebrate those that help others and uplift humanity.

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