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The Tampa Bless 2022 "Nice List" haha. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year y'all!

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

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I appreciate all y'all for any and all of your support, and want to wish you and your families and loved ones a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Bravehearts baby! Let's go! I also want to plug some of the Tampa Bless favorites for 2022 going into 2023. I always like to promote those people that support me as well as those that have shared beliefs and interests as well as some local favs. That being said, let the Tampa Bless 2022 "Nice List" begin.

1) : Not only do I work for Rex and can personally attest to the amazing array of products in their portfolio, but can vouch for the stellar people and teams behind them. In addition to their products, Rex is currently offering an investment opportunity. Please review the following doc for yourself and share it with people that may be interested. Rex is mission-oriented and a strong alternative to big tech. It is based in Austin, TX, but has Tampa roots as well. And I will always bet on my brother Peter Rex.

2) Cross Boss Media and : Studio 3:16 is a supplementary resource for Catholic school religion courses and parish faith formation classes designed to help transform your students’ approach to the Bible, so the Bible can transform your students. Furthermore, the company is run by a number of Team Do Good members past and hopefully future. These people include Rob Reynolds, Shevin McCullough, Billy Jo Galeazzi, Jeff Darrey, Marya Reynolds, Tyler Yonge, and others. Cross Boss Media, which produces Studio 3:16 is located right here in Tampa. Studio 3:16 is actively looking to incorporate their product into as many Catholic education programs, including homeschool and CCD programs, as possible. More info via their website link above. We have a strong Catholic community. Please contact them if interested and share! You can also check out a number of the aforementioned people's Team Do Good features here. I love what they have done and are doing. Good people doing great things! But as you know, these things don't happen by magic. They need your support.

3) LifeChoices Family Medical : The vision of LifeChoices Family Medical (a DBA of LifeChoices Women’s Care, Inc.) is to create a culture of life in the Tampa Bay, Florida area by providing the highest quality of healthcare that promotes scientifically based and ethically sound medicine, which respects the dignity of women and families. The mission of LifeChoices Family Medical is to transform healthcare by providing natural, holistic and life affirming medical care. Not to mention, Team Do Good's Ana Stooks is the executive director and Dr. Mariana Giron and Dr. Jonathan Keenan work there. You can check out their Tampa Bless features here. LifeChocies Family Medical serve women, men, and the entire family. And they are in constant need of your support. More info via their website link above as well as the doc below. They are located in neighboring Lutz, Fl, just a hop, skip, and a jump from Tampa. Please contact them if interested and share!

4) TCG&Whiskey : This one is for my mixed martial arts as well as trading card fans. TCG&Whiskey was founded by my boy Mark Moran, and I have been doing a pretty much weekly show with him via the YouTube channel listed above since 2020. Please subscribe if interested and share!

5) Fon's Etsy shop : Yes, Fon is my wife, but the products are dope! In her words: Handmade products are so unique, taking a lot of time doing each one by hand. My sister and brother-in-law have a shop in Thailand. I fall in love with every piece in their shop. There are so many things you could pick from, for example, planting pots, garden decorations, or earrings I'm selling them right now!!! I have very limited quantities and some designs only one of each available! Please support if interested and share!

6) Society of St. Joseph : Awesome group of men that meet on Tuesday mornings at 6 am at Christ the King Catholic Church, McLaughlin Center, 821 S Dale Mabry Hwy, Tampa, Florida 33609. A little about the group: Founded in 2016, the Society of St. Joseph is a special fellowship of men, united in a shared commitment to be real Christian men in the world… More than a program, the Society of St. Joseph commits to helping men grow in their faith through study, fellowship, and service to others, the 3 pillars.

We strive to not only strengthen our faith, but apply it to our daily interactions with our families, friends, co-workers, and those in need. The Society of St. Joseph welcomes all men into a life of true Christian manhood fostered through membership and participation in this special society. Not to mention, a number of SSJCTK members have been featured as part of Team Do Good right here. Check out the features of Mark Heilig, George Fisher, John Bencivenga, Col. Joe Doenges, Joseph Warren, Nick D'Amico, Col. Curtis Carlin, Tyler Yonge, Justin Cole, Dr. Jonathan Keenan, and Rob Reynolds.

That will do it for the Tampa Bless 2022 "Nice List". I really enjoy doing this and have a number of other things that I plan to plug in the upcoming new year as well. This was the first and it is awesome! Please support, subscribe, and share. God bless y'all.


Thomas "T-Bless" Reynolds

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